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GREGGY LUBIN has been selected as an "Honored Member" of the Covington Who's Who Executive and Professional Registry (2011-2012) 


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What makes you to stay in your current job? free polls  is GREGGY LUBIN's professional website and wants to be a networking website for healthcare professionals. This site is to promote solidarity between nurses and other healthcare members. is open to everyone including clinicians, patients, facilities, industry, students, retirees, and others interested in nursing as a profession. 
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         In "My forum", you will find informations about the healthcare industry where nurses and other healthcare members will share ideas about hot topics related to their profession.  This forum wants to address the issues that
matter to you, both personally and professionally. Nursing students and new graduate nurses that can connect to exchange info about career options as they enter the health care industry.                      

     Mr LUBIN has done lots of research about nursing as a profession and the goal of this website is to share ideas and leadership with nurses. He is very passionate about the use of technology in nursing. 
You will be amazed by the tons of informations you will find in this website. Education, continuing education, licensure, on the job situations, new career opportunities, and more. will publish with no charge any research made by any health care members designed to improve the quality, safety, efficiency of life of the human beings.                

“Together we can share the light of a wonderful passion by rendering quality care to the hopeless”   GREGGY LUBIN, RN, WCC